Travel to distant lands right in your bathroom!

The Academie brand presents a new line of Body SPA products, which has inspired two completely different parts of the world – traditional Japan and hot Polynesia. In each collection, three products – hand cream, body lotion and scrub – are what you need for luxurious body care.

Allow yourself to be distracted and relax a bit in the color of the beautiful sakura – the symbol of the land of the rising sun. The delicate and gentle aroma will set you up in a romantic and calm way, will help to reload thoughts and get a charge of energy. Exfoliate with a scrub, then apply a body lotion and complete the care process with a gentle hand cream. The delicate aroma will remind you of a barely perceptible veil.

Or maybe you want to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the hot tropics – where the summer is all year round, everything around is full of lush greenery, and from different angles, and the thing that comes intoxicating aromas of tropical fruits and flowers? Then, arrange a Polynesian beauty ritual with new tools from Academie. Gentle scrub gently removes dead cells, body cream moisturizes the skin, and hand cream will eliminate dryness and make the skin soft, smooth and fragrant. Delicate tropical aroma lifts the mood and invigorates, reminiscent of a dream vacation in the ocean.